Casa BandidoSalsa Labels

"I really enjoyed this project as I worked on it. Mexican food has always been my favorite kind of food. This is the best salsa brand I have ever tasted. I used Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop to design these 3 labels for Casa Bandido Foods." - Mike (Visual Arts Director)

Inspiration from a Culinary craft

This project began with tasting each flavor with some tortilla chips and a cold India Pale Ale. This flavorful salsa is a higher end, gourmet series. While looking at other salsas on the shelf at the supermarket, it was obvious that their labels were all so traditional and not eye-catching. These labels were designed with the thought of catching someone's eye when it is next to other brands.

  • Client: Casa Bandido Foods
  • Technology: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
  • Website:
Casa Bandido